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Upeat ideat eivät hellittäneet kuppostenkaan ääressä. Huomaa kaksi perunaa.

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  1. Bettie sanoo:

    This is fantastic inmonfatior. Finally an independent study that proves this stuff is bad! Can we now get labels? But you know, I am certain they will somehow find a way to invalidate this study. I’m not an optimist with regard to GMO companies or the FDA doing the right thing.Thanks for all the info and great references!

    • Lilly sanoo:

      He may be snoring because his airway is constricted. Try using a different pillow (less puffy) or you can try the breath right strips from local drug store and if that do18e&#s2n7;t work take him to a specialist.

  2. Triunfo que no le agrega mucho a Delbo, pero lo pone en camino. Delbo ha tenido una temporada irregular, es hora que se consolide y demuestre sus cualidades con más continuidad.

  3. You have the monopoly on useful information-aren’t monopolies illegal? 😉