New world, new library

On Friday we spent time in Stockholm. We as the board of directors of Espoo City Library. Evening before we worked for three hours on the strategy of Culture for Espoo City .

In a beautiful way the art we enjoyed had a lot to do with the thoughts we thought. This is the wisdom of our leader or my head makes it work. I choose wisdom, thank you Jaana Tyrni!

I start my story with the latter museum. Liljevalchs konsthall opened 1916 as the first gallery for modern art only in Stockholm.

Two of us visited Liljevalchs, others visited Fotografiska.


Utopian Bodies in Liljevalchs highlighted the various ways future is made or forecasted in fashion. How we produce materials, reuse materials, focus attention to what the wearer thinks or wants to affect the thinking of others. In Tapiola library it is possible to use intelligent sewing machine to make some of the things we saw as the future in a museum! There is not an intelligent sewing machine in every Finnish library but our Makerspaces are places where you have a possibility to have a look and possibly make the future. 3D printing and t-shirt workshops are perhaps microscopic activities in the universe but efficient enough tools to make people think and learn together. And those possibilities I mention here are only part of what we do.



In the Modern Museum we saw Olafur Eliasson and a photo exhibition about the Roma in Sweden.
Eliasson has an unique vision of our world and gives a chance to have an event for a group even without facilitators at hand. The geometrical shapes and possibility to build together new items gives a vies to the beauty of our world beyond our everyday eyes. There is shape and meaning that we have to think about before we can see it.

Anna Riwkin and Björn Langhammer have taken photographs of the Roma of Sweden. With the photographs is books and other materials that tell the story of the minority that hopefully does not foresee how the new minorities are about to be treated. Finnish libraries do their best not to let the past happen again.

Oili Sivula
District Manager of Library Services